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Gelatin Performance 2004

The first guests under the Guest Module Program of the Visual Seminar is the Austrian-based Art Group“Gelatin”. Lecture and performance in Ata Center/ICA-Sofia - 25th. of Yune, 6 pm.


“Gelatin” is a group of four artists from Austria that is invited to give a lecture and realize a project in ATA Center / Institute of Contemporary Art - Sofia. As everywhere in the world such an act is a risk (see the description bellow) motivated by the desire to shake up all.

Ali, Wolfgang, Tobias and Florian are traveling from Vienna as four bed-headed, unshaven troopers (the underlined words are taken from “Gelatin’s” message) with their very loud and beautiful Puch DS 50 motorbikes (Please, can you all send us your phone numbers, just in case we get lost…!), counting on their kundalini energy fully activated by the time they reach Sofia due to the constant vibration of the root chakra during their trip. They are totally nervous and very happy like in a teenage love affair. They feel this trip is a journey inward, a return to Quadrophenia and the influence of Roger Daltrey in general. They have available a tiny wagon-side car suitable for children…

By word of mouth over a thousand people come to see their shows, although the group describes these as either obscene idealism or a return to the real. With tricotage, dancing and food… No wonder they have managed to turn the outsides of the Austrian pavilion at the 2001 Venice Biennial into a swamp - a real one with frogs and so on. Or to bring secretly materials into one of the Twin Towers of the then still existing World Trade Center in New York in order to build up small balcony on its 91st floor… Naturally they keep their projects a secret. Who knows what exactly they are planning to do in November this year to the famous Gagosian Gallery on Manhattan’s West Side or to us on John Paul II Sq. in Sofia…


The Guest Program involves ICA hosting "by invitation only" two artists of international standing, for a negotiated period (up to one month), to work on or to present a specific project related to the objectives of the Visual Seminar. There will be preliminary discussions with such persons about specific topics of interest. The guest fellows would be asked to present publicly their work, to give lectures, to initiate debates and generally become part of the local art scene for a while. At the end of their stays in Sofia a show of their projects will be arranged and (based on previous agreement) the work produced in Sofia may be donated to the Visual Seminar with the prospect of establishing a collection of international contemporary art in Sofia. (So far there has been no such collection, but the important step towards it is a piece by Rirkrit Tiravanija that was donated to ICA-Sofia after the show “Locally Interested” in 1999).

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