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The city through the window of the museum?

Ivan Moudov MUSIZ 2005 courtesy the artist

Visual activities: examples and precedents

 October 2004 - April 2005

The city through the window of the museum?

The museum provides a different way of looking at things. The point of view offered by the museum introduces a distance, it guarantees eternity for the exhibits while all other things are doomed to perish. To look through the museum window may mean to kill the living, the vague, the thing that happens, and to present yourself at the altar of God.

The museum is also a framework, a poignant, aggressive operation to remove the unnecessary and to fix your gaze only on what you have deemed significant. Why do we do that, it is not because we find a particular delight in removing living tissue?

Sofia is a delightfully alive, moving, chaotic, anti-museum city which constantly erases its memory. What will happen if we decide to experimentally look at it through the window frame of the museum? Of the museum that does not exist, our museum of our times and art?

Visual activities: examples and precedents

Is it possible to use images, in order to exert civil and political pressure on the urban environment? Is modern visual art capable of being pro-active, of participating in the visual environment of Sofia in a way which will create an understandable and strong effect and will make visual interference last? What should be the position, or positions, of the visual activist?

This subject allows for wing on specific examples of visual interference in the urban environment of Sofia (installations, performances, individual or collective visual projects etc.), and on practical or theoretical models of visual activity to be copied, or used, by the others.

VS Resident Fellows 4/2005

The Resident Fellows Program is the product of a partnership between the ICA-Sofia and CAS-Sofia activities and programs on a more theoretical level. It will be organised by the Centre for Advanced Studies Sofia in accordance with the ICA. Within a given year, CAS hosts four resident fellows from Bulgaria for a period of six months each. They come from the fields of contemporary visual arts, other artistic areas, or academia and are selected by the Experts' Unit of the Visual Seminar based on their submitted applications and the application/selection procedures appropriate in such cases. The resident fellows have a stipend and reside in Sofia for the period of their fellowships while working on a specific artistic or research project related both to the topic of the “Visual Seminar” project and to the other activities of CAS. The finalized projects are presented in public in Sofia and discussed by the Forum of Visual Culture (see Module 1).

The idea of cooperation between academics and artists is based on the familiar experience of the Centers for Advanced Study in Europe and USA. Their established practice involves the artists’ participation in the intellectual community of researchers gathered for other research projects of the Centers for Advanced Study. They engage in, and contribute to, the debates and the heuristic atmosphere of the Centers and develop their own artistic projects based on this experience.

Such fellows would be selected by a special procedure appropriate in such cases.

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