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Peter Kogler Rats 2006 Peter Kogler Rats 2006 courtesy the artist

Opening July 25, 2007, 21 pm


Peter Kogler (b. 1959) is one of the most successful Austrian artists. Among his numerous participations in international exhibitions are: The Venice Biennial in 1995 and documenta in Kassel in 1992 and 1997. He became known to the Bulgarian audience in 1999 with his site-specific work for the exhibition “Locally Interested” in the National Gallery for Foreign Art, Sofia.

”Rats” (2006) is a complex computer animation work based on the documentary video filming of a white laboratory rat. This video work (3:35 min, looped) is typical for the artist’s interest in transgressing the borders between the natural and the man-made domains, as well as for his investigation on the interaction between space and movement.