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Georg Frauenschuh Sofiatage–buch Opening 2003 Georg Frauenschuh Sofiatage–buch Opening 2003 photo: ICA-Sofia

May 20th – June 3rd, 2003, opening May 20th, Tuesday, 6 p.m.

The young Austrian artist Georg Frauenschuh came to Bulgaria on a residency for several months. Even before he came here he had decided that he will not take photographs because he felt that the photographs would reduce the memory of this stay to a documentary record. Thus, ever since the beginning of his residency he started to make drawings from life, mainly from Sofia, in a special book in order to capture the freshness of his first impressions. At the end of his stay in the country, Georg Frauenschuh already has three such books/diaries that could be seen in the ATA Center after an invitation by the Institute of Contemporary Art-Sofia. The drawings in the books demonstrate the changing viewpoint of the artist to his objects. From playing with their touristic and seductively attractive aspects to engagement with their rather delicate and shifting qualities. Bounded together the drawings should be red and seen as a unified work of art. Their close proximity creates new associations. The show presupposes and asks for cinematographical thinking and thus brings up new questions. Except of the three books/diaries the exhibition also presents separate drawings that are connected to the books and have been created parallel to them in order to brake up the strict system of the book’s body. The two large wall drawings complement the artist’s vision as a reaction to the concrete space of the gallery as well as to the books. Contrary to the books, the wall drawings have been created only for this specific show. “Sofiatage-buch” of Georg Frauenschuh is the second exhibition from the long term program of the Institute of Contemporary Art-Sofia in ATA Center. The exhibition is realized with the support of the Austrian Embassy in Sofia.