ICA-Sofia Gallery
34, Vasil Levski Blvd Sofia, Bulgaria, CO 1504

Works for the Jerusalem Show 0.1

Лъчезар Бояджиев

July 9-19th 2008

Location: Old City Jerusalem

Organizer: Al Ma’mal Foundation, New Gate, Old City Jerusalem
Curator: Jack Persekian

City with a View(s)”, 2008. At the PADICO Services Ltd. Building (the highest point in the Old City of Jerusalem); 3 rooftop terraces with views, 3 formations of cinema chairs positioned in a specific way (5 chairs – view to Mecca; 2 chairs – view to Moscow; 1 chair – view to New York City); day and night views and sounds of the city; approach and access, situation, etc.

LB: “…The reason why cinema chairs are better to use then regular park benches is that, symbolically, the rest of the world will be seen as if in a media/cinematic situation… Usually it is the rest of the world that sees Jerusalem only (or mainly) through the eyes of the media on the screen of the TV monitor during a broadcast of the news.

I guess I want to remind inhabitants and visitors of the city of Jerusalem just how important their city is to the rest of the world, the whole world…”

B/ “You will never walk alone again...!”, 2008. Performance - Guided Tour; 7 - 9 pm. July 19th, 2008. Closing event of the Jerusalem Show 0.1.

LB: “…the reason why I am using this particular slogan (which the fans of the football (soccer) club Liverpool from the UK have made famous all around the world) is that in the overly crowded space of the Old City of Jerusalem one could never alone…for good or bad… This place is a severe case of “identity overlap”… The works in the show only underline the fact…”

For more on my notion of the “overlapping identities” please, refer to:
Al Ma'mal Foundation

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